Complete Home Inspection Services for London and Area

Heat Loss Assessment

Energy Audit

For people who want to minimize their bills for heating and cools, an Energy Audit provides you with a prioritized list of recommendations with a cost-benefit analysis.

A typical energy evaluation includes the following steps:

  • A walk-though assessment of your home’s insulation, heating and cooling systems and other energy uses.
  • A thermal imaging scan of the entire home
  • A blower door depressurization test to identify leaks and drafts
  • A personalized Energy Efficiency Evaluation report which explains your energy use from attic to basement.

Thermal imaging scans help identify insulation levels, missing or damaged insulation, air leak areas, inefficient HVAC systems and deficient in-floor radiant heating systems.

A blower door depressurization test measures the building’s natural air exchange and helps to identify air leakage locations. Using a software diagnostic tool, we can identify how tight or leaky your house is. A leaky house wastes energy and money. In contrast, a tight house may be too tight which can be a health and safety hazard for the residents.