Complete Home Inspection Services for London and Area

"Before you Take Possession" Inpection

New Home Inspection

For people who are purchasing a new home direct from a Builder, this service is actually five inspections.

You may not know that municipal building inspectors randomly select only a handful of homes from each builder for inspection. As a result, many buyers are concerned about the construction process and ensuring quality work is completed.

What you get :

We inspect your home at least two times while it is being constructed. A third inspection is provided just prior to the house being delivered to your possession. We help you identify any defects, incomplete items and ensure builder upgrades and features have been included.

In addition, we provide an additional two inspections 30 days and 350 days after you take possession to meet Tarion Home Warranty requirements.s We identify any issues that need to be addressed by the Builder and ensure you have all the appropriate reporting and collateral to file any necessary warranty claims (as you are only permitted to file one claim).